Every customer you sell a vehicle to, will know each year 4 to 6 other people in the market for a new or used vehicle. Watch our video and see how easy it is for your customers to refer those buyers too you.

Using our exclusive “Referral App” your sales team could start generating 100’s and even 1,000’s of qualified referrals. View our video to see how it works then contact us for a no-obligation quote. Call (616) 835-6240 to get started!

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How it works

Step by Step
1. Get a Pin Code

Get a pin code from the dealer that referred you. If you're here, you probably already have one.

2. Get the App

Install the app on your mobile device so it's ready when you need it.

3. Set up your account

Using either the app or the web interface, provide your pin code to set up your account.

4. Refer your friends

When your friends ask you where you got your car, you can have them provide their info via the app.

5. Your friend gets hooked up

The dealer will contact your friend and provide them the same outstanding service they gave you.

6. You get PAID

The dealership pays you cash to thank you for providing valuable word of mouth advertising.

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But, what is it?

Referral Cash is an easy way for you to refer your family and friends to your favorite car dealer. No need to have your favorite car dealers business cards on you when someone you know needs a vehicle. Simply open up your app and only send your referral's name and phone number. Your car dealer will then reach out to them and invite them in to shop at their dealership. No credit information is needed or ever asked for. Best of all, should your referral decide to purchase a vehicle at your favorite car dealer, they will offer you a cash reward!

I'm a dealer. What's in it for me?

Auto dealers spend thousands of dollars each month just trying to find customers who need a vehicle. They advertise on TV, newspaper and online. Despite spending all that money each month, most dealers would agree that referrals from previous customers are the best and least expensive way to generate new business. Currently auto dealers can only trust that their salespeople are asking for referrals, but the sad truth is very few sales people do. Using the Referral Cash App dealers can track with 100% certainty if their salespeople are doing their job and asking for referrals. Each time one of your previous customers downloads our app, you will be alerted that your salesperson has done their job. Given time you will have hundreds and maybe thousands of your previous customer that can you easily send you referrals to contact. It's like having an army of salespeople out in the community promoting your business for you.

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Application Features

It's a breeze.

Minimal Design

Simple. Easy. Modern.

Always Ready

Right there on your phone when you need it.

Fast Loading

Super fast. Lightning fast.


All data is securely transmitted over SSL.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the features and functionality of the app?

The app is meant to help car dealerships pay their existing customers to provide them with word of mouth advertising. A dealership will provide their customers with a pin code, which they will put into the app and create an account. They can then refer their friends thru the app, which allows the dealerships to track and pay them for referrals.

Just by filling out a simple form.

Customers of car dealerships, and their friends and families.

By entering a pin code provided by a car dealership into the app or web interface.

Hopefully they find a car the like and a dealer to do business with. If so, you get CASH!

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